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The Donation FAAQ

That is, Frequently Asked (and Anticipated) Questions.

Can I donate using a credit card?

Yes, we have an account set up with Paypal that will allow you to use a credit card or check card to donate.

You originally weren't taking credit cards, why the change?

It came down to convenience for the donors. We've had a wide range of donors, and our donor base was expanding due to friends spreading the word via blog posts and other means. Entering a number in a secure web form is less work (and saves a stamp) for the donor, and oddly enough, is much more secure than mailing a check.

We also discovered that a standard Paypal account can only receive $500/month, regardless of source (instant transfer, or otherwise). In addition, we discovered we are allowed to have more than one paypal account, eliminating the concern that our "personal" Paypal account would be subject to processing fees when receiving cash exchanges from friends.

What do you pay in processing fees?

We pay between 2.2% and 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.

Do you know Google Checkout only charges 2% plus 20 cents per transaction?

Yes, I do, but the problem there is that Google only allows you to accept "donations" if you are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. In fact, the terms of service state that using a "merchant" account you cannot solicit donations. And while I might be able to say "purchase space on our thank-you poster," it was edgy at best, and I didn't want to risk Google locking our account and taking away all the donations.

Could I just send you a check instead?

Sure! You can make it out to Joshua or Crystal Kugler and mail it to:

PO Box 82229
Fairbanks, AK 99708-2229

Gift cards to Lowes would be gladly accepted if you want to go that route.

What donation amounts are you looking for?

Small or large, it doesn't really matter. That's between you and God, plain and simple. I'll leave it up to you.

What is your budget for this project?

We're looking at $50,000 to $60,000 right now to finish out the remodel.

Will you provide an update on the donations and your progress on the project?

Certainly, point your browser at our blog, or your RSS reader at the feed.

Once you receive the money, what will be done with it before you use it?

It will be in an interest-earning savings account.

Will donors have any claim to any real property after the project is done?

No, your donation is just that: a donation. While we will be incredibly thankful, and you will be able to see our house and say "I helped them do that," the ownership ends there. No real property will be conveyed to any donors.

Your site now says your bought the house in February of 2006. Didn't it used to say 2005?

Yes, it did. Maybe it just seems like we've been in this house a long time, when in reality we've only been here just under a year. Sorry for the confusion.